Tuesday, June 07, 2005

RJ Continues to Stink Up Joint

Two more homers given up by Randy Johnson - to the Milwaukee Brewers, no less! Come on, you've got to love it! Every time I see him mess up, I replay in my mind John Kruk's prediction: "Randy Johnson will win 30 games this year." Considering that a starter gets about 33 starts per season, and Randy's had 12 (and missed one), he only had about 20 left, so unless we see him come in in the seventh inning, he's not even sniffing 20.

Yesterday was another example of the old men not being able to do anything when they had opportunities. The only speedster is Tony Womack, but the guy can never get on base! His OBP is .296, but even more laughable is his .284 slugging percentage. Hey Snorre, how'd moving Womack to left field work out for you?

For all the talk about the greatness of Robinson Cano, he's only hitting .245. Shemp is still a joke, and can anyone remember the last time Ruben Sierra came through in the clutch?

Okay, I'll give props to the Yankees who are doing their jobs: E-Rod (at least offensively, although never in a huge spot), Jeter, Sheffield, and Posada (although he could do a better job throwing out runners).

The pitchers who are doing well include Sturtze (although I don't know why Junkee fans went crazy for him last year, when he sported a 5.47 ERA), Rivera, and Mr. Wang.

Pavano, by the way, has allowed more hits than any other pitcher in the majors, and he looks to add to the total on Tuesday against the Brewers. Stay tuned, fellow Yankee despisers! This is turning out to be a season to remember!


Anonymous said...

Check out an article ripping the Yankees and their inflated payroll at mlbsource.com

Manny Ortiz said...

Thing about RJ: also, he gave up dingers to Cirillo and Junior Spivey, guys not known for their power.

Manny Ortiz said...

to be fair re: Sierra, his sac fly on saturday night did give the Junkees the win. If not for him, we might be talking about a 10-game Junkee losing skid. too bad.