Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thoughts on Cameron-for-Sheffield

- I'd be very surprised if George even lets this one happen. After all, he was one of the guys that brought Sheffield in before last season. And considering that Sheff has put up some pretty good numbers as a Junkee, I don't think he'd be ready to give this guy up. If George has his way, the ones to go will be Wang and Cano (it would be interesting to see if the Mets have interest in Cano, considering how Kaz Matsui has flopped). I know Yankee fans are getting all horny over these kids, but if George has his way, they'll be gone in a couple of months. Fans forget that if not for Stick Michael (whom George respected), guys like Bernie, Jeter, and Mariano would have gone the way of Drabek, McGriff, and Buhner.

George has been funny this year, sometimes looking tough, and at other times looking soft. If this trade talk gets serious, we'll have to see what side of George shows up.

- Some idiot at headlined the piece about the trade as "Yankees look to add more offense." And how exactly will getting Cameron do that? A lifetime .250 hitter? A guy who hit .231 last year? I know Cameron is putting some good numbers this season, but based upon the guy's track record, can you really believe he'll keep it going all season long? Cameron will be a huge boost in terms of defense, there's no question about that. But in a lineup with Womack, Tino, and Sierra, do the Yankees need more potential holes? This lineup couldn't do a thing last October at the end of the ALCS. Trading a borderline HOFer for a .250 hitter will not help the cause.

Only reason I can see losing Sheffield not being a big deal is as follows: name me a big hit this guy has had as a Yankee. Don't try to think too hard.

- Funny how the Yanks want Miguel Cairo as a throw-in to the deal. First, I'm not sure why the Mets would want to give him up. He's a very useful player, especially considering how bad Kaz Matsui's been. But if the Mets are that desperate for a bat.... Looks like the Yanks are searching for PR again. Perhaps a player from when they could still contend will draw some more fans to the park.

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