Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Can Somebody Tell Me Why Wang Is So Great?

I don't understand the hype. His ERA is 4.26, which would rank 30th in the AL if he qualified. As I've pointed out before, his strikeout per nine inning ratio is an astonishing 3.36. So why the heck are Junkee fans making him out to be the next Ron Guidry?

I will grant you this - he is better than Carl Panavo this year. No question about that. And he's certainly superior to Sean Henn. But when you hear Junkee fans call WFAN and say, "Oh, they better not trade him! He's untouchable!" I say, why?

Also, he's only given up 6 gopher balls so far, but he's allowed 4 of those home runs in his last 2 games. I guess when you pitch for a $200 million team that will score you 7 or 8 runs a game, when you give up only 4 or 5, you look impressive. But come on, people. I'll be shocked if he's still in baseball by 2007.


Anonymous said...

u r the dumbest person ever u have to give ppl time to develop randy johnson wasnt great at first but look at what he's done since then

The Yankee Despiser said...

So why aren't Yankee fans saying that about Sean Henn?