Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lifetime Records Against.... Who Cares?

Could somebody please explain to me how "Randy Johnson is 16 and 4 lifetime against the Brewers" means anything?

I bet he got some of those wins in 1990, when he was with Seattle. So what if he beat Jim Gantner and Robin Yount? The last time those two played, The Wonder Years was the #1 show in America! And if he beat them in the mid-'90s, during the Fernando Vina era, or when the Brewers had the John Jahas and Kevin Seitzers of the world, how does that indicate how he'll do against them in 2005? I don't understand it.

If you want to tell me that Carl Pavano is 5 and 1 against them this year, okay, that's something. But the fact that Mike Mussina beat them by striking out Matt Mieske three times (in 1997), come on! Dumbest stat in all of baseball.

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Manny Ortiz said...

Best is when Snorre puts an old guy like Tino or Sierra in the cleanup spot because they did well against a certain pitcher. For some reason, a few HR by Tino in '97, when he was still half-decent, means he can still hit, say, Jamie Moyer in 2005. Makes no sense. People have good years and bad years, and some people lose bat speed and just plain get old. But if it hurts the Junkees, it's all good.