Saturday, June 02, 2007

Your $18 Million At Work

I know it's Yankees-Red Sox this weekend, but I'm gonna talk about Clemens first. The injury issues are already acting up, and is anyone really surprised? The guy is 44 years old, and has had the occasional groin and hammy issues. On Friday, Mike and the Mad Dog ripped the guy for not wanting to pitch in this weekend's series. I guess now we know why. So for all you Yankee fans who thought Clemens would bridge that 14.5 game gap, think again.

- I don't know what it is, but the Yankees have killed Tim Wakefield this year. Wake has a 10.93 ERA against the Yanks this year. Yanks batted .191 against him from '04-'06.

- Today's game was fun. Mussina had another lousy start, and Proctor was lousy, as he's been lately. And 19 BB in 29 IP is just awful.

But the big story today was Captain Clutch, Derek Jeter, making a couple of errors to lose the game for New York. Abreu botched a fly ball, too. Sloppy plays.

- Credit where credit is due to Joe Torre, for calling Mike Lowell's taking out Cano at second in the 4th a "clean play." Can't remember the last time I've seen Torre act like that.

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