Monday, June 18, 2007

Yankees Win, Ho Hum: Junkees 8, Schmets 2

The only good thing to take out of the weekend is that Boston swept the Giants, so with the Yankee loss on Friday night, Boston gains a game, so the lead remains 8.5.

But that's the only good thing. Everything else is still lousy. The outslugged the Mets on Saturday, and made it no contest on Sunday. Wang is pitching like Sandy Koufax, and A-Rod keeps hitting A-Bombs.

But I have a feeling, paranoia notwithstanding, that this will be a good week. Colorado is a tough place for visitors, Old York loses their DH (which, if you think about it, ain't much of a loss!), and you have the Mike Mussina and Ringo situation. Mussina's personal catcher is Wil Nieves, who can't hit a lick. But you can't DH Posada, so what do you do? Put him at first base and let him embarrass himself? And who the hell is Mussina that he has to have a personal catcher? For guys like Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson, I understand, but Mike Mussina? Another example of the inmates running the asylum.

And of course, expect to hear grumbling from Mussina and company when they give up a ton of runs, blaming the high altitude, the heat, or whatever other excuses they come up with.

The Rockies are actually half decent this year. Looking forward to the series.


Kid Sox'in said...

Mike will complain about the jet lag (but I'm sure he's been holed up in Colorado penning excuses all weekend for future blown games by him). Hopefully the late game in NY and then the very late flight to Colorado screws with the Yankess like it did with the Red Sox when they had to fly out to Oakland a few weeks back. Colorado played at home last night and the Yankees should be tired. I know Mike will use that excuse when he loses tonight!

GO BIG SCHILL! We need one from ya tonight!!!!

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