Monday, June 04, 2007

Let 'Em Enjoy It

Last night's Yankee win will ultimately be viewed in one of two ways: (a) the momentum-changing win that started an improbable comeback, or (b) an isolated highlight for Yankee fans in an otherwise very disappointing season.

As the Despiser discussed yesterday, my money is on "(b)."

What's funny is how, in years past, when A-Rod had a moment like this, the media would proclaim it as his coming of age as a Yankee. Whether it was the fight with Varitek in '04 or the homer off a rehabbing Schilling in '05, we heard all about it. At least the media has finally realized what we've known all along: until A-Rod does anything in October, he'll leave New York with the same legacy as Randy Johnson: a future Hall-of-Famer who came to the Yanks to lead them to a championship, but left the fans disappointed.

A-Rod deserves credit for the homer last night. Papelbon threw a very good pitch, and A-Rod went the other way. As much as we rip the guy, and deservedly so, he's still one of the most talented on the diamond today. Once in a while, he lets us know why he gets paid $25 million.

- Is Pettitte injured? And what is it? If he is, then the Yanks and Cashman have another excuse. Never mind the fact that Pettitte's health issues were part of the reason the Yanks weren't interested in bringing him back after 2003.


Michael Leggett said...

He thrives in cold, rainy weather:

It's when it's warm & sunny that he goes COLD

Michael Leggett said...

Pettitte's Back gave out on him:

Roger's not around for a back rub

Manny Ortiz said...