Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wow, They're Bad - Yankees 5, White Sox 1

The White Sox have looked awful the last two nights. They couldn't hit a lick tonight, and Vazquez pitched poorly against his former team. No wonder Ozzie may be on the hot seat. You get the feeling that in '05, they won it all because everyone was hot that year. Contreras, Konerko, Buehrle, Jenks, etc. all had great years. This year and last, however, it simply hasn't worked out for them.

And you look up and down that lineup, and man, are they cold. Dye is batting .224, Pierzysnki .246, and Konerko .232. And center field has been a disaster since they traded Rowand. So I wasn't surprised that Wang pitched so well tonight.

- And some of the Yankee hitters are starting to heat up. Abreu's been very good over the past couple of weeks, and hit his third homer of the year tonight. His average was in the .230s for most of May, but is now at .254. Melky's done pretty well too, up to .250. And defensively, he's a big improvement over Damon. At least Melky throws like a guy.

- Boston's been stinking it up lately, but I'm not too worried. Manny and Papi haven't heated up yet, and I still think we haven't seen the best of Dice-K. So even if Youkilis and Lowell cool down, I think they'll be fine.

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