Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When Will It End? - Yankees 7, D-Backs 2

I hate seeing the Yankees on winning streaks like this one. I'm just waiting for them to lose again. Because right now, everything is going right for this team. Abreu and Cano are hitting, and A-Rod and Posada are still hot. Most importantly, the pitching has been pretty good lately. Moose pitched very well tonight, and Wang and Pettitte have been great. And even when a kid like Clippard gets knocked around, they still score 13 runs.

This streak isn't gonna last forever. But I think the Yanks are officially a threat again. Amazingly, even after this streak, they've still got 8.5 games to make up. And I don't care how well they've done; it's not gonna be easy. Bats will cool off, pitchers will slump, and this team will lose again.

But I think it's safe to say that we've seen another false alarm, just like 2005. That year, we thought their run was over. And then they stormed back with a big second half, thanks to Jason Giambi and Aaron Small.

But this year, they're heating up early, leaving open the possibility for a late-season collapse. Plus, they've got more competition to deal with, in Boston, Cleveland, and Detroit. And Minny and the A's will heat up in the second half, as always. So 2007 still may give us a Yankee-free October.


Anonymous said...

sucking wind. go see your therapist for some anti depressants. you may need them in the coming months ahead. mussina definitely appeared to be off his game didn't he? how's the fat ass, er, schilling?

Manny Ortiz said...

Great to see the Yankee fans back in good form. Where ya been the last few months?

Kid Sox'in said...

Inguries got the Yanks at the beginning of the season and injuries are going to get them again before the season's end! Hope the Mets step into the stadium this weekend and sweep the Yanks, all happening while Boston finds their bats and sweeps the Giants!

Here's to 12 out by Monday!!!