Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bedard Shuts 'Em Down - Orioles 4, Yankees 0

Even with Boston getting swept in Seattle, it's still a good day, as the Yanks looked lousy on both the pitching and hitting ends. Clemens is looking like an $18 million bust, with the ERA now up to 5.32. Hey, Cashman, Tyler Clippard gives you the same thing for a fraction of the price.

And the hitting was horrible as well. After Abreu got the A-Rod treatment last night, he got moved to sixth tonight, and is now in a 3-25 (.120) funk. When he had a hot streak a few weeks ago, I felt like an idiot for comparing him to David Justice in '01. But after his average has dipped from the .270s to a bad .256, the guy still looks lost out there.

And Matsui is struggling too, 3-24 in the last week (.125). Between those two holes in the lineup, plus the joke at 1B and DH, it's no wonder the Yanks are a mess right now.

- In 2005, we thought the Yanks were done. But they were much closer to the playoffs than these guys. Here's a look at the standings two years ago and today:

2005: Yankees 39-37, 5.5 GB, 3 WGB
2007: Yankees 36-39, 11 GB, 8 WGB

After this date, the Yanks had the best record in the game, going 56-30 (.651 WP) the rest of the way. And even then, they were only able to tie Boston for the division.
The way this team is going, they're not playing .650 till the year's over.

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