Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Okay, Now I'm getting Nervous! Junkees 4, D-Backs 1

I could write about Johnny Damon's lousy offensive year, especially following an 0-4 night. I could write about Farnsworthless's shaky inning, allowing a walk and a hit before wiggling his way out of it. I could mention that Melky was 0-3 dropping his average to a mediocre .253.

But I won't.

Old York won, they're back at .500, and here we go again. My dreams of a Yankee-free October are going the way of Katie Couric's viewers.

All I want is one loss to prove that they are not invincible. Tuesday night's game would have been a good night for a loss. Boston won, so the lead would have been back to 10.5. Instead, I have to sit and wonder if Livan Hernandez has any shot of beating them. After all, if the NL Cy Young award winner can't beat them, who can?

Very upsetting. Very, very upsetting.


Manny Ortiz said...

Sox win, still 9.5 up.

On the other hand, the Mets have looked dead lately. A Yankee sweep this weekend would not surprise me.

Kid Sox'in said...

Don't dispare! Arizona bounces back tonight and takes the next 2 from the Stanks. The Mets light up Clemens on Friday on their way to a sweep at the stadium. All while the Sox take the next 2 from Colorado w/Schill and Beckett pitching and then last place San Fran comes for a visit....need I say anymore?

15 up by next Monday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

loving it. get a life. rather than root for your team you have a blog devoted to despising the yanks. just another stupid ass red sox fan. there was a reason why the sox couldn't climb the mountain for over 80 years. they sucked, like your blog, like your obsession with the yanks... schill got rocked. fat ass loser. and the yanks certainly looked lifeless last night w/ moose on the mound. start popping the prozac, seroquel, lexapro or welbutrin. take your pick. LMAO. in your dreams back up by 15 next Mon. and BTW luv the drew and lugo signings. the redsux had to go cold sometime. couldn't stay hot forever. dumbass soxnation fans forget what a long season it is. besides, this is a time of transition for your hated yanks. it is going to get better for the yanks in the years to come. look out for the farm.