Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back To Double Digits - Rockies 6, Yankees 1

The two-week nightmare may still be going on for Met fans, but for Yankee haters, it's just a memory. The Yanks are back to their old ways - bad hitting and bad pitching. Pettitte stunk tonight, and the offense didn't show up again. And the Sox beat up on Atlanta, 11-0, pushing the lead to 10 games. The days of "the Yankees picking up games like candy" are thankfully over.

Torre was full of excuses as usual, claiming that the Yanks had trouble picking up Francis' pitches because they've never faced the guy before. Too bad.

One guy who's back to normal? Bobby Abreu, hitting 5-21 (.238) this past week. With a .333 SLG, to boot.

And with Damon a possibility to go on the DL, the Yanks need depth. Phillips won't help much at first. I think the Yanks will get a stopgap like Shea Hillebrand, and, come the trading deadline, go for a big name like Teixera. You knew Cairo wasn't a solution there.

Great to see the Sox back to their old ways. The way Tavarez is pitching, it takes away from the disappointment of Schilling's DL stint. But I think Gabbard and Lester should be fine filling in.

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