Monday, June 04, 2007

Yankees Outfield Defense: Horrible

Want to know why the Angels own Old York over the past few years? Because they're a very aggressive team who most often tries to take an extra base, and the Junkee arms are absolutely horrendous.

Watching Bobby Abreu reminds me of Darryl Strawberry in the late '80s, when he always let balls dunk in a couple of feet before him. Additionally, he misplayed a couple of balls in the Red Sox series, and has an unimpressive arm.

Johnny Damon gave me a good laugh a while back when he handled a sac fly against the Blue Jays in shallow center field and when throwing the ball in, reached Cano above second base on two hops. Let's face it - he throws like a girl.

Shemp Matsui was a better outfielder when he first came to the Junkees, but seems to have lost a couple of steps since then. He is, by far, the best of the three out there, but come on. He's in left field, the least important of the three positions.

Teams that don't take the extra base against Old York are foolish. Statistically speaking, they are below average in outfield assists, with 7 so far, the MLB average being 11. Who knows - perhaps word will get out and the other teams will smarten up. That will make 1978 less and less likely.

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