Saturday, June 16, 2007

Split So Far

After the Yanks finally lost Friday night, today's Yankee win doesn't hurt too much. Especially with the Sox winning two against the Giants. I know the Giants are awful, but I find Dice-K's excellent outing to be a sign of things to come.

Any Yankee fans still horny about Tyler Clippard? Time to give it up. The guy stunk today, and was bailed out by the even worse Glavine and Mota. Anyway, Clippard now has a 6.33 ERA; whatever the Yanks get from the guy is a bonus.

Mets have 10 steals in the series so far. Good job, Posada.

Hideki Matsui (.421, 9 RBI in past 7 gm) has quietly been on a hot streak. Melky Cabrera (1 for his last 14) has quietly cooled off.

Finally, it's mid-June, and Mariano Rivera has a 4.50 ERA.

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