Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Will RJ Demand a 4-Man Rotation?

The way things have been for the Junkees so far this year, I wouldn't be surprised. I guess RJ will do anything to get that ERA under 4.00.

After this awful 2-game set, I feel that hate towards the Yankees that I haven't felt since that first series of the year. The Yankees have been more laughable than hateable since then. And perhaps they're still laughable now. But between their hitting BJ Ryan like he was Jesus Colome, Giambaby looking like his 2001 self, and RJ pitching well, it was a series to forget. Not to mention that it probably sealed the deal that the O's are done. Thank God for Mets-Nationals.

But who knows what will happen next. Maybe the surging Indians can stop the Junkees from gaining momentum. And maybe if the Junkees stay close, George will piss off all the fans by trading Wang and Cano. And even if the Junkees stay hot, perhaps the Sox and Twins can stave them off and make it a Yankee-free October.

And sometimes, the Yankees in October is not a bad thing. 2004 wouldn't have been nearly as sweet had the Yankees not made it. But this is all speculative. All I know is, right know, the Yankees are hateable again. Let's hope the Indians change that back to laughable.

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Crankee Hater said...

The O's have been freefalling for awhile now, but I must admit I didn't expect the Crankees to beat them quite so badly. But Cleveland can probably turn those smug smiles upsidedown. Weren't they the team that spanked the Crankees 22-0 at home last year? And the Indians are much improved this year with one of the better major league pitching staffs.

Have faith.