Wednesday, July 20, 2005

That Was Quick

So, we can all breathe easier now. The Junkees are back where they belong. No, not quite. Not till the Orioles run past them in the standings.

Last night was the kind of game I was waiting to see for a while. Lind of like the games we saw in April and June, when the Yankees would get shut down by some bad pitcher. Last night, it was Chan Ho Park doing the honors. But he was matched by Moose for 6 innings. And after Robby Cano got the big hit and Sterling and Waldman couldn't shut up about how great the kid is, I was thinking, "here we go again."

But thanks to Blalock, the Yankees wasted a very good start by Mussina. This is the kind of game that can lead to a slide. Especially when your stopper is Aaron Small. (Speaking of which, if this guy does well, the tabloids will go nuts with awful headlines like "Small Comes up Big" or "Big Game for Small." Sorry for ruining your day. And someone pass me the New York Sun and spare me the agony.)


jp said...

With Giambi playing better, am I the only one that thinks the press should apologize to him, but not really make it clear what they're apologizing for? :o)

Anonymous said...

its really funny when you call them the junkees. you should keep doing that.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! small really came up big didn't he? with you only posting on days the 'junkees' (still makes me laugh) lose, we shouldn't have to hear from you too much more, eh? actually, its obvious that i come here because i think you have a novel idea and a good start... need more real baseball though. i.e. - - you have a nicer looking thing here, but yankee fan or not, he's got better content... keep on keeping on. - don mattingly