Monday, July 04, 2005

More Sterling Stupidity: Crying Poverty

Hearing Sterling doing today's game reminded me of why I usually stick to the Schmets with Rose and Cohen. Before the Yanks staged a "here we go again" comeback, they were down 8-6 after Sturtze and the pen squandered a 6-0 lead. At that point, Sterling couldn't shut up about how "the Yankees simply didn't have enough pitching today." Like the Schmets' Ed Coleman, Sterling was busy making excuses for the Yankees' awful performance to that point.

But someone tell the guy that the "not enough pitching" excuse doesn't fly for a $200 million team. It doesn't fly for a team with a $10 million closer, while teams like Milwaukee are stuck with the Derrick Turnbows of the world. It doesn't fly for a team that spent millions on Quantrill, Karsay, and Gordon, and it surely doesn't fly for a team that can simply cut two of those guys without worrying about the money.

Anyone logical would've blamed Cashman. The Yankee pens of the past had plenty of arms, including Lloyd, Mendoza, Nelson, and Stanton (all who came up during the Bob Watson era). Nowadays, aside from Gordon and Rivera, it's all potluck. And $200 million should get you a lot better than potluck. But they don't think that way on al-Yankzeera.

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