Thursday, July 07, 2005

Big Tests Ahead for Junkees

So far this year, the Junkees have had a pretty easy schedule, with mixed results. They've beaten the M's, A's, and Tigers, while struggling against Tampa Bay and KC. But for the next few weeks, the Junkees will face nothing but teams over .500.

They start a 4 game set with Cleveland, who look like they'll be a big factor in the AL Wild Card race. After the All-Star break, it's 4 games against first-place Boston, then three against a very good hitting team, the Texas Rangers. Then, they play 4 against another good-hitting club, the LA Angels. Finally, the Junkees come home to face another contender, the Twins. Let's hope Santana gets to face 'em in this one. After that? 3 more against the Halos. And it doesn't get much easier in August, where the Junkees play 6 against the White Sox.

So before Yankee fans get too excited about being only 4.5 games back, they ought to hold their breaths and wait to see how their team does during this stretch. Because it sure won't be easy.

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