Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top First Half Moments

As a Yankee despiser, I must say the current situation isn't great. The Orioles have gone south (although a healthy Bedard may change that), the Red Sox haven't been able to run away with the title yet, and with Halladay hurt, you can write off the Jays from the race. But with all that, it's been a great first half. Let's run through some of the better moments, in no particular order:

- After Giambaby's press conference about nothing, Sheffield tells the guy to "stop crying."

- Deja vu all over again: Mariano blows two in a row to the Red Sox.

- After bashing the Orioles throughout '04, the Yanks get swept in Camden Yards.

- After that, George says, "enough is enough"! Little did he know what was to come.

- Surprise, surprise. Jaret "I miss my Mazzone" Wright gets injured. Junkees waste another $21 million.

- Junkees lose three of four to the D-Rays, falling to 11-19.

- More deja vu: Yankees lose three of four to Tampa Bay again in June.

- Two words: Tony Womack.

- Two more words: Sean Henn.

- Watching Bernie attempt to play center.

- Watching E-Rod attempt to play third base.

-Watching Giambi attempt to play first base.

- Watching Giambi attempt to hit, for the first two months of the season. Then seeing him refuse to go to AAA.

- Randy Johnson stinking it up, then making excuses for his performance (days of rest between starts, Posada, etc.)

- Koo's double off Johnson.

- The bullpen implosion: Junkees waste millions on Karsay, Felix Rodriguez, Stanton, and Quantrill and replace them with no-names.

-Red Sox pummell Pavano and the Yanks, 17-1.

- George telling Cashman to go on the midwest road trip, only to watch the Royals sweep the Yankees, as the Junkees end up 3-9 on the trip.

- On that same road trip, George blasts Mel Stottelmyre.

- Seeing Pavano turn into Javier Vazquez redux.

- Seeing Tino Martinez turn back into a washed-up 37-year old.

- For the first time in years, the thought of a Yankee-free October.

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Anonymous said...

It was indeed a very nice first half for Yankee haters overall, wasn't it?

I still can't believe they got swept by the Royals. THE ROYALS! Far and away the funniest and most satisfying moment of the season.

Second best: listening to the "analysts" on the YES network try to figure out what was wrong with the Yankees...and deciding Joe Torre needed to throw a team barbeque. Priceless.