Monday, July 11, 2005

Finally, an All-Star Game without Snorre and Half his Team!

I don't care much for the All-Star game. With the abolition of the league presidencies, the success of interleague, and MLB.TV, the game has lost its luster. But it would tick me off every time Joe Snorre would bring half his team to the game. Heck, I think the only dynasty Yankee ever not to make the all-star team was Clay Bellinger!

Remember that year when they had five shortstops, just to get Jeter in even though Nomar and Tejada had better numbers? Ridiculous.

At least this year, the only Junkees at the game are the ones who deserved to make it, like Rivera and A-Schmuck. Shemp screwed up his numbers by not sitting down when he was slumping in May, and even the usual plethora of Japanese fan voters couldn't get him in. Jeter's been good, but not on the same level as Tejada.

And Terry Francona will be in the dugout, not Snorre. Hey, maybe I'll actually watch an inning or two this year.

Lousy weekend, this past one. Lousy. Worst thing for me was Halladay's injury. A year removed from losing 90 games and losing Delgado, the Jays have managed to stay in the race. With their ace out, it'll be a miracle if they hang in there. (Interestingly, the O's (Bedard), Sox (Schilling), and now the Jays have lost their best pitchers for a long period of time. The Yanks are lucky.)


Crankee Hater said...

Crankee fans everywhere are calling it a travesty that their precious Jeter didn't get selected for the game. I've heard many of them say they won't watch the game just because there are (gasp!) four Red Sox starters (plus Clement). And they blast Francona for bringing Clement along since Halladay's out. Stupid fools. It's fine when Torre stuffs the ASG full of Crankees, but heaven forbid if any other team has more than one player in the game!

Interesting point about the other AL East teams lacking an ace. Amazing how all of them have hung in there so well considering. The Crankees should hope that Schill, Halladay and Bedard don't come back and dominate, because the Big Ugly isn't much of an ace this year.

Michael Leggett said...

Perhaps, since Jeter isn't all that he's cracked to be, despite all that Jeter-Worship by McCarver, it'll be another Jeter-Less Year, in '06.