Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cashman's Full of Bull

I'm sorry, Peter Gammons and Manny Ortiz, but I don't believe for a minute that the Junkees are strapped for cash. Just because they didn't get Beltran? Cashman and co. thought that Bernie was still great (they are delusional sometimes), so they let him go elsewhere. Besides, Beltran never killed them in a big spot, as Tony Womack did, so that was also a factor. If the Astros offered Roger Clemens, do you really think the Junkees would turn them down? Come on.

I think this is a ploy. They know the CBA expires nect year, and teams like the Pirates and Brewers may push for a salary cap. That would end Junkee dominance, as they would not be able to buy all the stars, so George told Cashman to tell people that they have no money. This way, when 2006 rolls around, they'll say, there's no problem with disparity - even we have limits!

I hope no team falls for this. Without a salary cap, I pity those poor Devil Rays fans.


MC said...

And Royals fans. Don't forget Royals fans.

Although, they were extremely happy to see their lowly little team of youngsters sweep the Yankees. That remains the highlight of the season so far.

Anonymous said...

Beltran's been pretty mediocre this season. (Well, something above mediocre, but not worth what the Mets invested in him.)

So the Yankees' problems can be traced to not landing another overpriced overhyped free agent in the off season? I could've sworn it was the inverse.