Thursday, July 28, 2005

Short Leiter Start Dooms Yankees

So far, looks like Leiter's had two good starts, to go with one bad. After all, one run in 5 innings: not too bad, huh?

But with a Yankees bullpen that doesn't go much further than Sturtze, Gordon, and Rivera, a 5-6 inning pitcher won't cut it. And Mets fans know that, more often than not, Leiter is a 5-6 inning pitcher. And once you factor in the DH (which he didn't have to deal with in the NL), forget it.

And Leiter's short start is exactly what killed the Yanks. It was a close one till Sturtze and Proctor came in. If not for those two, maybe the Junkees would've won it against Rincon.

Leiter's presence might wear out the pen. Sturtze didn't do so well last night, and perhaps it was merely, in the words of Pedro Martinez, "a bad day at the office." Or is the guy tiring out?

With that in mind, Yankee fans can't get too excited about Leiter. At least now they can go crazy about Nomo. Brian Cashman is certainly excited: "He's one of the premier pitchers of probably all time." I guess when half your team is over 35, you can start thinking that it's 1998 all over again. Just remember: if someone sucks too much for Tampa Bay, they're probably not that good.


PizzaBagel said...

Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, Bob Feller, Walter Johnson, Cy Young, Roger Clemens, Hideo Nomo. Hideo Nomo?!!! Cashman said that he's one of the premiere pitchers of probably all time?!!! Who's writing his material ... John "al-Yankzeera" Sterling? Whatever you're smoking, Cashman, keep it up for the sake of us Yankee haters. I like where this season is heading.

Blaha said...

Probably said that because he was the first Japanese player in the bigs. But either way he has sucked the past two seasons and was nothing special before that.