Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hideo Nomo - Another Winner

Once again, as I said with Leiter, Ca$hman is putting himself in a win-win situation by signing a guy whose ERA over the last two years is 7.70, which, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark, is the highest ERA for a pitcher who has pitched this much in 75 years.

So if Nomo stinks, he'll say, hey, what did you expect? We were desperate, and he was the best option out there. If he does okay, then Ca$hman will tell you what a genius he is for picking up a guy off the scrap heap.

That they have no one to trade for a decent pitcher is an embarrassment.


phil said...

Terrible pitching by Rodriguez in the ninth let the Yanks come back from behind. Simply terrible.

mouse said...

Blame on Scosia (sp?) for not pulling K-Rod when he clearly had nothing. Four Walks and only one out made? Walking in a run?! It should be clear as day to the manager that the pitcher has nothing when that happens. Stupid.

Baltimore is now below .500, having lost to Chicago today.