Friday, July 08, 2005

Melky: More Trade Bait?

The newest Yankee kid is 20-year old Melky Cabrera. What is the deal with the Junkees bringing him up? Are they really that desperate in CF? Apparently. Especially with Tony Womack looking like the worst Yankees signing since Dave Collins. But I have a feeling they're putting him on display for some other teams out there.

After all, now that Pavano has hit the DL, the Yanks' rotation is really in trouble. After spending millions on the rotation in the offseason, the only Yankee pitcher not to miss a start this year (since Opening Day) has been Mike Mussina. Pavano, who had a history of injuries prior to '03, is on the DL once again. Brown is on the DL as usual. And something always seems to be up with Randy Johnson: his calf, his back, whatever. And I know Yankee fans love Wang, but as the Despiser has said, the guy is not that great. Does any Yankee fan really want Wang on the mound in a big game against Boston in September? Come on.

And now that we're already in July, trade winds are coming. Jason Schmidt is on the block, and the floundering Orioles want him. Then there are the Sox, who are desperate for relief (and by the way, I like the Schilling idea). George is known for getting players not so much because he needs them, but to prevent other teams from getting them. But as it is, the Yanks' pitching situation is bad news.

(One good thing about the Astros' recent hot streak: it probably means there is no chance of Clemens going back to the Junkees.)

Plus, keep in mind that the Yanks face some very good hitting teams after the break in Texas, Boston, and the Angels. If the starters get battered, George will make sure a trade happens. And maybe giving Cabrera the same exposure as Wang and Cano will make him more appealing. If teams see him as a major-league caliber player, then his value goes up.

So is Melky really here to stay? We'll find out.

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