Sunday, July 03, 2005

Stanton Cut: See I Told You So / Starters' Woes Continue

How many times did I write that the Junkees were idiots for picking up a washed up reliever who used to be good, but was completely useless now? How many times did I mock George for trying to relive the glory days of '96-'00?

Whoever thought Stanton had anything left has his hat on backwards. So maybe now they finally realize that the dynasty is long over, and it's time to turn the page. Besides, Mariano Duncan has no plans to come out of retirement, although I hear that Gerald Williams may be available for the right package of prospects.... And now with Quantill gone, it's satisfying to see the Junkees flush $7 million down the toilet. Imbeciles.

In other news, Randy got bombed yet again, and Mussina was unimpressive giving up 4 earned runs in 6 innings. How do you not just love it if you're me?

Now Pavano misses a start, so we'll have to listen to Junkee fans and apologists say that injuries have killed the Yankees this year, when Wright and Brown weren't exactly blowing hitters away when they were healthy (neither was Pavano, for that matter), so they actually catch a break by getting Wang to pitch Sunday, but overall, it just gets better and better for Yankee despisers. Granted, I would never count them out until they are officially eliminated from the playoffs, but how do they turn it around when their starters get lit up night after night after night? Delicious!

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Michael Leggett said...

Cashman, no doubt, on Steinbrenner's orders, while George is in "Seinfeld" mode, will sign Steve Carlton. Carlton, will then request that his favorite catcher, Mc Carver, be signed.
On days, where Carlton is off, Mc Carver will do the Games on YES, driving Yankee Fans, totally out of their minds.
Yankee fans, then, will NOT VOTE for Derek Jeter, for the MLB All Star Game, out of despising Mc Carver.