Wednesday, May 25, 2005

When Will the Junkees Trade Wang?

So far, it looks like I've been dead wrong on Chieng-Ming Wang. I thought he was more Christian Parker than Ted Lilly. Heck, this kid's better than Lilly was as a Yankee. He's only had one or two bad starts, and a lot of very good ones.

But like Lilly and Halsey before him, will Wang soon be enjoying success in a different uniform? I think it depends upon the Yankees' performance the next two months, and how desparate George gets. Let's say the bullpen goes south again. You can bet George will gladly give Wang to the Phillies to get Billy Wagner. And if the Rocket becomes available, Wang will be an Astro.

On the other hand, you would think the Yanks' recent success would imply that putting in youngsters like Wang and Cano is a good thing. But unless the Yankees reel off a few more huge win streaks, there will still be noticeable flaws on that team come the trading deadline. And when there are flaws, players like Wang and Cano become expendable.

Ultimately, it seems like Cashman, who was partly behind bringing in Cano, wants some youth on this team. But if George wants to get rid of the young kids, that's what'll happen. When Stick Michael was GM, he was able to dissuade George from trading away Bernie, Pettitte, and Rivera. But Cashman hasn't been able to do that. That's part of the reason the Yankees just get older and older. And that's why the question isn't "if" the Yankees will trade Wang, but "when." Because with George in charge, you know that this is inevitable. And even the success of former Yankees Vazquez, Halsey, and Lilly (who beat the Sox tonight) won't mean a thing to George.

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