Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Junkees' Youth Movement: Wishing it was '96

Perhaps putting Cano in at 2B brings back memories of a different Yankee youngster in the middle of the infield. Remember Derek Jeter in '96? Ahh, back when Yankee fans could actually enjoy the sweet taste of victory. It remains to be seen if Cano's another Jeter, and I wouldn't bet on it; one thing's for certain, he doesn't quite have the intangibles.

Putting a kid at 2B won't bring the Yanks back to that magical year. '96 was a time when the Yanks had youth all over, in the rotation with Pettitte and the pen with Rivera, which are now areas full of wash-ups and injury risks. '96 was a time when the Yanks got the most out of bargains like Mariano Duncan, not the least out of rip-offs like Jason Giambi. '96 was when the Yanks didn't have to spend the most in baseball to win it all. Now, they spend the most by $80 million and are the laughingstock of the game. Tony Womack will go down with other legendary NY leftfielders like Chuck Knoblauch and Todd Hundley, not to mention my favorite Yankee RF of all-time, Enrique Wilson.

Someone tell George '96 was a long, long time ago. And years of trading prospects for bad fits and making awful signings will not bring the magic of '96 back. Neither will bringing up a few kids from a barren farm system help much, either.

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