Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Quantrill Helps Junkees Sink to New Low

I don't care if they brought back Tino and Stanton, and it doesn't matter if they'd even put O'Neill and Brosius back on the field. The Yanks are far, far from a class act. Paul Quantrill is a lowlife: plain and simple.

I don't blame him for throwing the first pitch behind Smith. You want to send a message, fine. Then move on. But to come back and nail the guy was uncalled for. Quantrill, you made your point. And if your location sucks so much that you couldn't hit him with your first pitch, too friggin bad. Maybe you should just hang it up. Trammell ripped Quantrill on this one, and he's absolutely right. Don't go after the guy twice.

And then for Quantrill to stand there and wave at the Tigers' dugout: very similar to what Benitez did in '98. And very unprofessional. Once you make your point, that's enough. But to tell them to come out and fight, come on.

And Dmitri Young was right on calling Quantrill on drilling near the head. You want to throw on someone's thigh, I can live with that. But why go for the head?

The only saving grace was Snorre not defending the pitch as being unintentional. But heck, even Snorre's not that stupid.

This stuff's happened before, with Clemens, especially. But to do it the way Quantrill did it was especially low.

-- Rest of the series seems uneventful. Former 20-game loser Maroth goes up against Wang, who has done pretty well and shouldn't have a hard time with the Tigers lineup. The game after is more interesting, when the Tigers trot out Jeremy Bonderman. There's always been hype about this guy, and this year may be the year he finally lives up to it. Then comes the Boston series. Rough night again last night. The Sox lose (though of course that means the Jays won), and even though the O's win, Javy Lopez is out for six weeks. Here we go again.


Anonymous said...

Its funny how you forget about what your team did to the Devil Rays. Carter threw at your team and then you go back and do it to them. Instead of being a classy team, your guys go out and fight! What a joke you are and your team and your blog...Blogs are funny because any idiot like you can make one and people may actually believe you!

Manny Ortiz said...

At least those "idiots" never fancy themselves as a class act.