Sunday, May 22, 2005

Stinky Schmets Hand Series to Junkees

Days like today, I wonder if I should've been a Met despiser instead of a Yankee despiser. Think about it. They come in every year full of hype: once, it was Mo Vaughn and Roberto Alomar. Then Tom Glavine. Then Matsui. And they always fell apart. And if they keep playing games like these in '05, then even the New Mets will fade into oblivion.

But hating the Mets wouldn't be the same. First off, the Despiser would likely cut off all ties with me. Also, the Mets never pulled off an embarrassing choke like the Yankees last October. And the Mets don't have that aura of arrogance that the Yankees do; to me, they're kind of like the Cubs- a bunch of lovable losers. So for now, I've got no regrets hating the Yankees. Then again, if the Schmets' payroll hits $200 million...

That said, this weekend reeked. It's one thing to play the game right and simply get beat. It's understandable - heck, you can't win 'em all. But to make errors and give away a game is just inexcusable. But that's the Mets for you.

And the annoying thing is, the Yankees did what they do when they're on - they take advantage of the other team's screw-ups. Sometimes, if you give the Yanks an opening, they'll take full advantage. As usual, Shemp got the big hit.

And the Schmets have no middle relief. Nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. If I'm a Met fan, I can not expect this team to win with the current crop of relievers. Does anyone really trust Hernandez or Bell or DeJean in a big spot? I know I can't.

And Baltimore lost 2 of 3 to the floundering Phillies over the weekend, with both Cabrera and Ponson stinking it up. At least Sammy is coming back soon. And at least the BoSox recovered from that awful AL West stretch to beat the Braves 2 of 3. Miller had another good start, Clement had a better day than Pavano, and they got good news on Schilling. As long as they keep the Yanks at bay.

Minnesota is a team worth watching. If Boston or Baltimore get a solid grip on first place, the Yanks will have to settle for the wild card. And it won't necessarily be an AL East cakewalk like in years past. The Al Central has 2 very good teams in Chicago and Minny. One of those guys can potentially knock the Yanks out of the playoffs. In a surprising development, El Duque went on the DL with a shoulder injury. But the Sox should be able to get by without him, especially if ther trio of Garland, Buehrle, and Garcia keep it up.

On weekends like this, you gotta focus on the bright side.

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