Thursday, May 19, 2005

Schmets Enter Subway Series With Better Record

Okay, so they're only a game ahead of the Yankees. And sweeping the pitching-less Reds is not much better that beating the M's and A's. But as the hot Mets take on the Yankees, I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to a Subway Series so much. Maybe it's also because the Yanks will be facing major-league quality teams. Oops, I forgot. They're facing Victor Zambrano in game one. But again, he's going up against Brown. I guess they cancel each other out.

As the Despiser noted, the Junkees crashed back down to earth in last night's game. Moose couldn't hold a lead, and Flush Gordon gave away a game again, with a little help from No-mack. And then Jason Giambaby left his bat on his shoulder for strike 3 with the bases juiced. I guess Reggie could only help so much. And these Yanks looked like the pre-win streak Yanks: just plain ugly.

In a way, these Mets look a little like the Yankees of old: a mix of good veterans and some home-grown talent. The big difference: the Junkees had a bullpen and better starting pitching. The Mets are still a few players short of becoming contenders. They're not going anywhere if they keep putting guys like Koo and Aybar out there.

Between Zambrano and Brown, I think Game 1 will be a slugfest. Both bullpens will blow leads cough up runs. Home field means the Mets should pull off a walk-off win.

RJ and Benson go in game 2. While the Unit is the better pitcher, the Mets have seen him in the past and have hit him hard. And that's when he was still Cy Young material. Plus, the Junkees have never faced Benson. Gotta like the Schmets' chances in this one.

Game 3 is gonna be a real fun one to watch, Pedro vs. Pavano. The big question is, will being in a Schmets uniform help Pedro's luck in beating the Yankees? And Pavano has seen the Mets before, beating them twice last year. But that was without Beltran and a healthy Clifford Floyd. Should be a good one.

I don't expect a Schmet sweep here, though that would incredible, especially after the Junkees' streak. But if the Mets take two of three, I'll be very happy.

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people like YOU ruin baseball...not the yankees