Monday, May 02, 2005

Beating Tampa Bay? I Guess You Can't Lose Them All

I'm listening to the Junkees play the D-Rays and Old York has a 3-2 lead. I could see them pulling this one out. After all, the Devil Rays are a minor league team when it comes right down to it, but the fact that it's not 8-2 or 9-2 at this point (6th inning) says something. Still, when the Junkees take 3 of 4 in this series, if not all 4, the papers and the Junkee fans are going to rejoice about how the Yankees are back in it!

Come on. Inasmuch as I want this to be 1965 all over again for the Junkees, I still fear that they will get back into the race. I'm not that delusional. Just let me see them pull of a string of wins against some decent teams, then I'll be impressed.

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Manny Ortiz said...

I've said this many times, and I'll say it again:

The Yankees are not gonna face Tampa Bay in October (if the Yanks even get that far this year).

To get excited over beating the AAA-Rays is either a sign of desparation or is just plain silly.