Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Only in the Bronx: After 16-4 Run, George Panics

After getting beaten by the Sox two days in a row, George has officially shown a sign of panic, by dispatching Brian Cashman to KC to watch his team flatten the new AAA team that plays in Kauffman Stadium. This coming after one of the best Junkee streaks in recent memory. The whole thing is just plain comical. Only with a $200 million payroll do you panic after a 16-4 run. I guess nothing short of 20-0 would satisfy George, shockingly enough.

But when you think about it, George is right. The Yanks won against the M's and A's, which haven't both been so putrid since the late '70's. The Mets handed them a couple of wins. And beating up on Wil Ledezma is nothing to write home about. This is still a team full of issues. Shemp Matsui's bat has had less pop than Kaz Matsui, and he refuses to sit for a day. After being red-hot for a little while, Cano has crash-landed back to earth, finding himself in a 2-for-24 slump. And for all the money spent on starting pitching this past winter, the Yankees' most consistent starter this year has been Chieng-Ming Wang. And while Rivera and Gordon seem to have recovered from their early-season struggles, the rest of the pen (except maybe Sturtze) is horrible.

If the Yanks only take 2 of 3 from the Royals, the series will be a big disappointment. After that, the Yanks face another real test in the Minnesota Twins. Then, on to a surprising Milwaukee team and another huge test, the St. Louis Cardinals. Pretty soon, we just might see why George is freaking out.

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