Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"I Just Won You The Pennant, I Got You Wilson Betemit"

Last year, the Yanks shocked everyone by getting Bobby Abreu in a salary dump from the Phils. This year, the big winner at the trading deadline is Scott Proctor, whose arm will get a lot less abuse from Grady Little than it did from Torre.

I actually think Betemit wasn't a bad deal for New York. It makes their bench go from pathetic to simply weak. Truth is, I give Cashman credit. Between Jose Molina, Shelley Duncan, Andy Phillips and Betemit, the guy has improved what was a horrendous bench in the first half.

And with Giambi on the way back, the Yanks will have too many everyday players. Do they put Melky back on the bench? You get the impression that Damon makes the most sense on the bench, as Cabrera is a much better outfielder and Giambi is a better DH. I, for one, would love to see Damon turn into a bench player.

I think the Yanks are gambling by thinking Joba Chaimberlain will be to them what K-Rod was to the Angels in 2002 - a young lights-out guy who helps carry his team to the World Series. I know Chaimberlain has been excellent in the minors, but there's no guarantee his results will hold up in the big leagues. And if he doesn't pan out, who are the Yankees' other options? Especially after Luis Vizcaino's arm gets tired.

- Great job by Theo getting Gagne. The Red Sox were gonna make the playoffs this year, unless something crazy happened. By getting Gagne, Theo gives the Sox a chance to go all the way and win the World Series again. Bullpens play a huge role in the postseason, and the Red Sox now have one of the best in the game.

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The RS Bat Boy said...

Oh Great Despiser of the Evil Empire,

What a wondurful, funderful day yesterday was in BoSox land! To top it all off the Yankees didn't make themselves any better, while the Boston 9 got stronger!

I hope the NY "Bashers of bad teams" enjoy their upcoming week, because from August 8th to the end of the month their schedule is going to be what kills any chance they had to get in as the wild card!