Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Torre's New Boyfriend

Which pitcher has appeared in the most games in July? Answer: Luis Vizcaino, with 16. The guy has been lights-out this month, with 17 K and a 1.62 ERA. Vizcaino is also tied for second for the most appearances all season, with 54.

But the question is, how long will Vizcaino stay hot? The guy looked like the second coming of Gabe White earlier in the year. He reportedly had Rivera help him out with some mechanical issues, but how long will Vizcaino stay hot?

More importantly, will his arm hold up to Torre's abuse? He's projected to pitch 80 innings (probably more, now that he's been so effective), and has only done that once in his career.

- I'm hoping the Yanks don't get Gagne, but even if they do, I'm not worried. I don't see Gagne having the same impact as Abreu had last summer.

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