Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pitching Wins - Yankees 5, Red Sox 0

The Yanks swept through the Red Sox this week, and the pitching was tremendous. I don't expect the pitching to do so well consistently, so I'm not too worried. You're almost never gonna see two near no-nos in a row.

And Joba Chamberlain has become the best 8th inning reliever for the Yanks since Mariano in 1996.

Manny not in the lineup? Not an excuse. The Sox have a high payroll. And they can do better than Hinske out there.

A tough series to swallow, but at least the Sox have a 5-game cushion. But the Yanks are now one step closer to October. Their starting pitching showed up this week. Did it ever.

1 comment:

The RS Bat Boy said...

Oh mighty D of the Y!

Not to worry. We sweep them back in 2 weeks when they come into town 10 out!

....and leave 13 out!

That was their World Series. Boston really couldn't be bothered!