Sunday, August 12, 2007

Four Out

What can I say? The Yanks ripped right through the Indians this weekend, picked up two games on the Sox, are tied for the wild card, and are now 15 games over .500. This team is for real. These are not the Yankees we saw in April and May.

Time for some NFL preseason action.


Anonymous said...

Yea My team never quits By the Way how did GAGNE work out for you guys...?

Anonymous said...

He picked up a win tonight while your guys went down 12-0 against Baltimore. Thanks for asking.

Yankee Quitters said...

Nope! Your team never quits! Sometimes though, they play a team who's not in last place and end up losing in embarrassing fashion. Nice going! The BEST was the Red Sox didn't waste this opportunity of a GREAT Yankees loss and picked up a game! What a GREAT ninth inning! Your team won't quit today either. They're just going to be up against the BEST pitcher in baseball: Eric Bedard. Most likely another GREAT loss (but of course, not a "quitting-like" loss) while the Sox kick a Devil Ray one more time for good measure and another game up on the standings! 6 up by 5pm!

It's nice beating up on the bad teams...isn't it?

Hope Gary and the Tigers put mor hurt on you this weekend!