Saturday, August 25, 2007

Clueless Moose

Typical Mussina comment in this piece in the Times. When told that his rotation spot is in jeopardy, he asked, "who are they going to replace me with?" Coming from one of the most aloof and arrogant Yankees, is a statement like that any surprise? Doesn't the guy realize how lousy he's been this year? Reminds me of Cone in 2000. And believe me, they will not miss Mussina if they make the playoffs. Better off putting Phil Hughes out there behind Wang, Pettitte, and Clemens.

I think if Mussina gets thumped on Monday, he should get the Sterling Hitchcock treatment for the rest of the year. And the way Cashman and Torre have behaved lately, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Giambi and Damon are now part-time players. Giambi has started once in the past five games, and Melky is the full-time center fielder. Only in Yankee-land do you keep $36 million on the bench almost every day.

But that's why I tip my cap to Torre on this one. He doesn't care. Melky's better, so he gets more playing time. And if they have any brains, Mussina will help the Yanks bench get even more expensive.

- Gotta root for the Mariners the rest of the way, though I don't like their chances that much. But if Sheffield doesn't get better, then we can't expect much from the Tigers, either.

- Clemens ERA: 4.34.

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