Thursday, August 02, 2007

Clemens Gets Hammered - White Sox 13, Yankees 9

I was watching the Red Sox game today, and Jerry Remy said, "word from New York is that Roger Clemens didn't get the same reception from the fans that he got when he announced he was coming back."

It was great to see Clem get hammered. Not sure which pitcher I most enjoy seeing get knocked out early, but this year, it's probably Clemens, especially with all the money he's making.

The Yankee offense almost bailed him out, but Karstens and Farnsworth made sure that wouldn't happen. And both the Red Sox and Indians win, pushing the Yanks back a game in each category.

Another joke series this weekend coming up against KC, followed by a quasi-joke in Toronto, and then Cleveland, Detroit, and the Angels will tell us whether the Yanks have a shot.


The RS Bat Boy said...

All of Boston loved the Clemens shelling! (it's amazing what a $1 million will get you these days!)

Way to go Jon Garland! Give it right back! but Jermaine Dye took care of us yesterday even though we didn't get him and he's still playing for the pathetic Pale Hose. Way to go Jermaine!!!!!!

Gary & the Tigers (weren't they a band for the 60's?) will make sure the Yankees have no chance for the wildcard. Let's just say it will be Gary's little present to the Yanks for screwing up all of his plans for this year!!!!

Payback's a bitch!....isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Get a life loser