Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Roundup 8/26/07

Been a while since the last roundup, but we're back.

Many Yankee fans relish the idea of having Joe Girardi take over as skipper when Torre hangs 'em up. And the PR factor, the positive vibes from the dynasty years, and the Marlins' surprisingly good performance in '06 will help Girardi's cause. But Joel Sherman's piece will make them think twice. If you thought Joe Torre was lousy when handling pitchers, just ask Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, and Ricky Nolasco about Girardi. Good for Sherman for not falling for the Yankee mystique.

There's a lot out there about the "Joba Rules." It's nice to see Nardi Contreras' name back in the papers. My take on the rules? I'm surprised they've lasted this long, and I'd be very surprised if they last much longer. You get the feeling Torre's been somewhat marginalized in the organization. I'm sure if he had his way, Chamberlain would be used like his name was Tanyon Sturtze. And if the Yankees play in October, they're gonna have Joba out there every night.

Mike Lupica reminds us that for the Yankees, it's still all about October. Really now!

And after another Yankee win, John Harper gives Joe Torre the genius treatment, because Torrre had a meeting with the players before the game. Yeah, and if Igawa is out there instead of Wang and gets his butt kicked, then what, Torre's an idiot? This crap has got to stop already.

And in this piece, Jim Leyland complains that the long rain delay Friday night threw his team off their game and contributed to their loss on Saturday. Actually he doesn't. Other teams don't do that.

Pick of the week: It wasn't in Sunday's paper, but a chat with Peter Gammons? I'll take it any day of the week.

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