Monday, August 06, 2007

Here We Go Again: Yankees 5, Blue Jays 4

Doesn't matter that Andy Pettitte was mediocre. Doesn't matter that Snorre's new boyfriend, Luis Vizcaino, almost blew the game. Doesn't matter which hitters went hitless, and which guys are in a slump. What matters is that my hopes and dreams of a Yankee-free October are flying away in the wind.

Yanks won a heartbreaker, 5-4 on Monday. The Jays had a lead, couldn't hold it, nearly came back, but didn't. And Old York continues to roll.

When they beat up on the bad teams, it was upsetting, but as Manny pointed out, whadaya expect? And give credit where credit is due - the Yanks haven't merely "gotten lucky," they've played really well.

Yes, the slugging has to take a break at some point, but when? Will it be too late? The Blue Jays were supposed to be better than the bad teams. But one game into the series and they are not.

Oh the pain. Oh ... the pain.

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Anonymous said...

"Baruch Hashem" The Yankees are right In there. The real celebration Will be when the yanks catch Up Boston, But hey i cant complain. After giving up on the Team This is nice To see GO YANKEES!