Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Moose Pitches Like Old Self: Twins 6, Yankees 2, Tragic Number in AL East 70

For all you Yankee fans who got horny when the Moose shut down the A's last time - ha! Actually, he wasn't horrible (even though I don't consider 3 ER in 6 innings a "quality start"), but he couldn't hold the lead either, and after giving up the 2-run homer to Kubel, you knew he was out of gas. So his record is now 4-6.

Has anyone noticed that A-Schmuck is 0 for his last 18? His last hit came on June 29th. Yes, he still has great numbers, and he may still be the AL MVP this year, but he's been hot and cold. Great April, lousy May, great June, lousy July (so far).

Speaking of cold, that was the Yankee lineup today. They came up with four hits, and I know some of the regulars weren't playing, and it was Johan Santana, but they way the Old York broadcasters were going crazy about the offense in the previous few games, you expected something better.

And Brian Bruney came on in the ninth, trying to keep the lead to a managable two runs, and he gives up a home run to a guy hitting .182. If he gives one up to Morneau or Mauer, fine. But Luis Rodriguez? Gotta love it!

And the Red Sox won, so the lead goes back to 12. To be honest, I got paranoid after Tuesday's Yankee win. I thought it was the start of another hot streak. But Minny wins at Yankee stadium for only the third time in their last 18 games, and all is well in Yankee Despiser land.

- BTW, didn't go crazy about A-Rod's hammy injury because until I see him on the DL, it's much ado about nothing. Although Snorre may use it as an excuse for Alex's cold streak.

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RS Bat Boy said...

Good call on the A-Rod hammy! He can stand at the plate all he wants and go 0-19! He's such a hero. Sadly, the Yanks will be even worse with out him (sadly for Yankee fans that is! Hip-hip hooray for RS fans!)

Can't see any streaks for the Yanks in the near future with a visit from their favorite team: The Angels this weekend. Visiting again for another sweep at the Stadium!!! (they must have had such a great time the first time that they wanted to do it all again! Payback for being the only ones in the Eastern Division to get to beat up on AAA Pittsburgh I all evens out in the end!)

I'd say 15 games up on the Empire at the break!