Monday, July 02, 2007

Listless Twins Lose: Junkees 5, Twins 1

Well, the Red Sox won, so the lead stays 11.

That said, the Twins were listless. They were swinging early in the count, not hitting the ball hard ... either Clemens was incredible or Minny just didn't have it.

But I'm not here to make excuses for the Twins. Yes, they played a night game in Detroit and came in late, but they could have done better.

Only thing good was Shemp going 0-4. He's been in a tremendous slump, 3 for his last 26. But they won, so today's not the day to give them a hard time about re-signing him a year ago. It's like Julio Lugo in Boston. Major bust, but with the team up 11 games, no one's going to go too crazy.

Charlie Brown gave up a pair of hits in his one inning of work. Thirty hits in 31 innings is pretty human.

But the big story is Clemens. If he pitches this well each time out, that'll be pretty scary. This could have been a fluke, and perhaps his previous two starts are more indicative of how he'll do from here on out. We'll wait and see.

So not much to get excited about. The tragic number for the AL East is 72, so we'll keep an eye on that.


RS bat Boy said...

You forgot to mention A-Rod hurt his little hammy and is headed for the DL.

Season over!

Clemens night = fluke

The Yankee Despiser said...

Won't get excited about A-Rod until it's official.