Monday, July 09, 2007

Lousy Ending To A Great First Half

I was away for the weekend, and no time for a Sunday roundup yesterday. My apologies.

But the way things turned out, it was a rotten weekend. 2005 hero Ervin Santana got spanked by New York, and Wang pitched well again. Meanwhile, the Red Sox got swept by Detroit, a team they'll probably face in the playoffs. And the Yanks have an easy couple of weeks ahead of them, playing Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and KC. The Rays better show up against the Yankees, even though they've been dead the past two weeks.

In any case, if you would've told me in March that the Red Sox would have a 10 game lead on the Yankees at the break, I would've given you a wave, thinking, "don't be ridiculous," and walked away. If you would've told me that the Yankees were gonna be under .500 come the All-Star break, I would've looked at you like you had seven heads. And don't forget, the Yanks still have 8.5 games to cover in the wild card standings.

So while seeing the Yankees go 5-2 against the Twins and Angels is frustrating, they still need a Red Sox collapse to win the division, and need to pass a whole bunch of teams to catch Cleveland for the wild card.

And that's why even after a rough weekend, I will still spend the All-Star break celebrating the Yankees' worst half-season in the post-dynasty era.

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RS Bat Boy said...

FEAR NOT Yankee Despiser!

This Red Sox team is too good (even when they'e bad) to faulter!

A was in the Red Sox clubhouse in Detroit and they laughed & cheered when they saw the Angels/Yankees score. They laughed because a last place team spanked a first place team and most likely a team they will see in the play-offs: The Angels

Thanks Yankees we owe you one. We'll pay you back when we take 7 from you when we steamroll over you in August and put your season out of its misery!!