Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh, the Pain! Yankees 3, Blue Jays 2

It's bad enough that the Red Sox lost, but for the Yankees to win back to back games in which (a) Kei Igawa started and (b) Roy Halliday opposed them, that is torurous.

The Jays left a ton of guys on base, but then again so did Old York. It came down to a blown save, which is the thing that kills Yankee despisers most. You think you have it in the bag, and the guy BALKS in a run! Oh, the pain!

This had all the makings of a good Yankee loss. Jeter and Abreu both 0-5. Damon 0-3 (albeit with two walks) to drop his average to .238. Pettitte pitches well enough to win (for a change) but comes away emptyhanded. Farnworthless, who Snorre assures us is still his eighth inning guy, allows the go-ahead run.

But of course, the tables are turned, and Old York is on a roll in which once again, they are picking up games on Boston like candy. Oh, the pain!

BTW - Damon's July average? .188.

Please, please lose a game!


Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure. The yanks wont go down Like the redsux did last year..!! We are gunna Give you bums A fight! You know what the yanks are capable Of. so enjoy your 8 game lead before we take over.

Manny Ortiz said...

I wouldn't worry yet, Despiser. I think Melky, Abreu, and Matsui are due for another slump soon. Aside from Wang, the starting pitching has been spotty. Until the lead is down to 4, I'm not panicking.