Sunday, July 22, 2007

Twinbill Sweep For Yankees

Gotta admit I was impressed by the Yankees sweep yesterday. After Friday night's 10 BB disaster, the Yanks regrouped in a big way. Sweeping the twinbill behind Igawa and DeSalvo reminded me a little of the doubleheader in 1996, when the Yankees started Brian Boehringer and Ramiro Mendoza. They easily swept the Indians, and that was one of the early indications that the '96 Yankees were a special team. But believe me, '07 is a far cry from '96.

The biggest difference between the two sweeps? The '96 one was against one of the great Indians teams of the '90s, one which had come very close to winning the Series the year before, the Indians of Manny, Thome, and Albert Belle.

This sweep was against the Devil Rays, one of the worst teams in professional sports history. Can't get too excited.

But the Yanks proved something yesterday - sometimes, they can still beat up on horrible pitching. And they'll need to do that consistently over the next couple of weeks, before August brings them the Tigers, Angels, and Red Sox.

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RS Bat Boy said...

Oh Yankees Despiser! How I despise the Yankees also! The best thing about their 2 blowouts this weekend is: That even after scoring all of those runs. They're still 7 1/2 out! No change. baseball's funny that way. Good thing it's funny today the Red Sox way! Hopefully the Stankers are tired tonight after wasting all of that energy on a last place team the past 24 hours and fall flat to the Royals the next couple of nights. All while Lester's comeback are the things movies are made up of and they go on to show Cleveland who's boss this week!