Thursday, July 26, 2007

OK, So I Was Wrong

I guess I was a little off about the results of the Yankees-Royals series, with the Yankees cruising through games 1-3 before stinking it up tonight, behind Kei Igawa.

But hey, you can only give me a hard time for being off if you picked the Tigers to win the AL pennant last March.

I know the Royals are bad, but the Yanks have played solid ball in the last week. The offense has been on fire, but you know that won't last. And the pitching was pretty good, but not great, this past week.

Let's see how long the offense stays hot. They clearly weren't on tonight, but maybe they'll bring it tomorrow. Who knows.


The RS Bat Boy said...

Oh Despiser of the Evil Empire,

The party's finally over for the Stankers. Boston takes 3 out of 4 from a tough Indian team and now it's off to beat up on the bad teams (sound familiar?): Tampa for 12, Bal'more for 12, Seattle (2-8, last 10, 7 game losing streak) and a failing Angel team (hey how about a HR?). Then it's LA at home (took them 3 games to zero last time at home from them) and finally Chicago (won 3 out of 4 last week). By the time we see TheEvilOnes at the end of August after their 7 losses to Sheffy & Detroit, Sox should be about 90-45 and about 15 games up on the dreaded money mongered ones!

Anonymous said...

So far so good.