Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yanks Keep Winning Ugly

This has been a far cry from May 2005. If anything, we've picked up right where we left off when the regular season ended last year, with both the Yanks and Sox knotted for first place. And the Yanks just keep winning and winning. Now they have a 4-game win streak and have won 7 of their last 10.

But the last two nights, it hasn't been pretty. Friday night, Moose continued his resurgence, but the Yanks almost blew the game. Small and Farnsworthless were awful, and even Charlie Brown ended up doing his best Mitch Williams imitation to get out the 8th.

And last night, Chacon ended up with a nice outing - 6 1/3 innings, one run. But those four walks allowed? Not good. It seemed like he had runners on base every inning, but managed to get out of it. I was listening to the game, and Sterling said something like "it doesn't matter how many hits you give up, as long as you keep the runs down." Which is basically the same thing as saying, "it doesn't matter if you drive 90 MPH, as long as you don't kill anyone." At some point, all those baserunners will burn you. Chacon won't always get that big out. So his start last night is probably more of an area of concern than something to get excited about.

One thing I'm already looking forward to? The Subway Series. The Mets finally are starting to look like a winning ballclub. And don't think George hasn't noticed. This one should be fun.

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