Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Randy Johnson, Please Don't Retire!

At this point, I can just copy and paste all my pieces about Randy Johnson stinking up the joint. Even in the first inning, when he did not allow a run, he was spotty, walking a couple, and of course, stinking it up from the third inning on. Yes, there were errors, which means that surprisingly, his ERA actually went down, but come on. Five walks, three k's - no excuses. The guy is finished. He's toast.

I know Junkee fans got horny after his strong start, saying that 2005 was a fluke, and that the old Randy is back, but let's be real - he's done. Those good starts were fluky.

And Aaron Small continues to show why he was a journeyman 33 year old last year, the Junkees got extemely lucky, but ca$hman doesn't know when to cut his losses, so granted, he never pitches in a big spot, but still. Time for him to go.

But I can't complain. Now I realize that even if the BoSox win the next two, it doesn't mean the Junkees are down and out. The season's a marathon, and I'll be shocked if they're not in it right up to the end. But when they can't pitch, can't field, and hardly hit, it gets me excited that a repeat of the past few postseasons is to be expected.

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alex said...

tuesday's game was absolutely awful. but at least moose righted the ship on wednesday.

apparently it has become my job to continuously correct your absurd claims.

can't hit: (ML ranks)
3rd in BA
1st in OBP
4th in SLG

can't pitch:
4th in ERA
5th in hits allowed
3rd in walks allowed

can't field:
before their 3 error performance, they were 2nd in Errors committed.

currently 9th in fielding percentage (.986) which is .004 behind ML leader.