Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wells Blasts Sensitive Snorre

New York Daily News:

BOSTON - Joe Torre said the Red Sox fans who booed Johnny Damon lacked respect for what Damon accomplished here, but David Wells said the Yankee manager is out of touch.

"Awww, poor Joe," Wells said yesterday. "Sorry. I don't feel bad for him. For Joe? No. For Johnny, he knows what it's like. When you put the 'B' on and you're in N.Y., they're going to hate you. It happened to me. I went in as a Padre and got a standing ovation. I come in as a Red Sox and I'm the anti-Christ. That's fine. Joe's been around for a long time. If he's going to have remarks for that, I guess he's getting a little too sensitive."

Gotta agree with Wells on this one. Snorre loves complaining.

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