Friday, May 19, 2006

Subway Time!!!

Finally, the series I've been waiting for. The Yanks and Mets go at it again. The Mets' offense is almost as good as the Yanks, and they may even have the edge with all of the Yankees' injuries. Their bullpen has improved with the addition of Duaner Sanchez. They got Chad Bradford for PR because of his funky delivery and the fact that he was in "Moneyball." Who's next, Jim Mecir? And while Wagner has been shaky, Met fans have to admit they still feel better with him out there than with Looper.

The Yanks are in trouble. The injury-prone Damon is hurting again, Pavano has a sore arm, the bullpen gave out a Trout-esque 7 walks in two innings yesterday, and when was the last time Yankee fans were so excited about a routine Rivera save as they were Wednesday night?

And the Yankees' latest injury may have ended their season, as well as their playoffs. The Grand Tanyon has been diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and will have surgery next week. His year may be over. I really don't know how they'll manage without him.

And the Mets may even have the edge in Friday's pitching matchup - Jeremi Gonzalez vs. the Old Unit. I do think, however, that Johnson may have enough left to step it up a notch and win.

Mussina vs. Pedro? Looks like the game to watch this series.

Sunday night the Yankee fans cult hero after Tanyon Sturtze - Aaron Small - goes to the hill. He's been mortal this year, so I can't imagine he'll do much better than Chacon. The Mets have Glavine, who's been excellent so far. The Mets are the reverse lock here.

In the "what might've been department": going Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Benson, Seo, and Kazmir.


Anonymous said...

I think the Small Unit is a more apt nickname.

alex said...

yes i do think its disappointing if the yanks dont win the WS.

but i have a feeling that if they did, you still wouldnt be impressed. you'd probably say something along the lines of the opposing team just had a bad week, the umps gave it to the yanks, or the yanks plain got lucky.

Manny Ortiz said...

alex: you forgot the fact that they would've spent $80 million more than the second-highest payroll in the game, in winning it all. That can be a factor, ya think?

Alex said...

im just curious to know why the yankees are the only team that gets criticized for spending.

also, in 2004, the red sox payroll was 125 million, 2nd in the majors. how come no one criticizes the red sox payroll?

the mets and the phillies have had high payrolls and yet neither can buy a ticket to the playoffs. so why is it that the yankees are the only high payroll team held to such demanding standards by even non-fans?

Michael Leggett said...

Yesterday's Wagnerian Soap Opera, "Das Rheingold Extra Dry" was not refreshing & he had NOTHING but Wildness.

Terrible Job, Willie & Rick!

Michael Leggett said...

Think about how much ticket prices have gone up in MLB, due to the yankees lust for sheer star power;

They still died in the ALDS;

& make it impossible to afford a game.